Thursday, July 31, 2008


So, on Tuesday Taylor and I were sitting at her apartment talking and we started shaking and we heard rumbling. Being from Texas, I have no idea what's going on and I look at Taylor and say, "Is someone on the roof?" Then she screams "It's an earthquake!!" So I jump up and run to her and we grab eachother and squat IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THE FLOOR. Real smart move. At this time the shaking is not that bad so we think it may be over...NO. Then it starts these violent crazy shakes and we are running through the apartment jumping over piles and dodging things and Taylor yells in my face, "Get under that table right now!" So we huddle under the table holding onto eachother so tight we will have bruises. Then all of a sudden it was over. Can I just tell you how freaky that is!!?? It is so crazy because there is really nothing you can do. It only lasted about 45-50 seconds...but that's a long time to shake! We went outside and the neighbor's were all out there going crazy, people were crying, it was nuts. But we are okay and now we are just sending constant prayers that it doesn't happen anymore while we are out here! Momma called and told us to stay away from the edge of the ocean:) However, I'm not worried about that, I am worried about driving through the cannon with the 2 ton rocks that have rolled down the mountain that could fall from being shaken lose and crush us! Anyway, several people that knew we were out here called so just wanted to let everyone know we are okay.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thanks AC!!!

Thanks to Anne-Camille for the new look of the blog! Didn't she do a great job! I love being around her...I'm used to having Taylor doing things for me and now I have AC to do it too:) Love those big sisters! I love you both and thank you for taking care of me!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Just got back from California. Me, Momma, and Taylor went. While it was a working trip...we had so much fun together. Taylor has all the pictures on her camera which she is supposed to email to me (yesterday) but I have yet to see them. LOVE YOU!! It was so much fun to have a girls trip. We talked about the good ol' days back in Texas and had TONS of laughs (which was a good thing because we ate horribly) so hopefully we burned a lot of calories. We did find a place for them to live!!! It is in Irvine and it is so adorable.
The last night we went out to eat with Ryan and I got a frantic call from Shane. Daddy was staying with him because he had an early doctor's appointment. Well, he missed his snack and wasn't making since but Shane saved the day!!! He was a little bit freaked out-but he made it. Thank you Shane for taking care of him!!!

Couples Date!!!!

One of the last nights we went out with Sam and Anne-Camille. We had a wonderful dinner at the 178 Club and then went back to their house for some Pollyanna (I think I've spelt it two different ways...not sure which is right) This is us on the way home. We love them so much and always have so much fun when we are with them!
Side note: AC and I went to the pool and we just got to talking and didn't put on sunscreen. Well for AC that's fine with her pretty olive skin, but for me aka white as paste not a good thing. Four hours later we were huddled under towels still talking. Though she turned a beautiful tanned color, I peeled in sheets:)
The greatest game ever played! Her grandfather made this game and it has been passed down! Shane showed NO mercy toward me! I thought I would win at least once...didn't happen. I am now in the process of making my own board so I can practice:)

July 4th

For the 4th we had a fabulous time and Sam and Anne-Camille's. We tons of food, yummy root beer floats, fireworks, and Pollyanna!!!
Cute little Connor. I love this child. He has the cutest little personality!
Watch out...big sister mode coming out. (You know I love you AC!!!)
The Girls
The Boys
Ashlyn really didn't want me to take her picture. She too is a hoot!

Kenzie Lynn and Shane playing catch
Sweet Cort
Shane and KL
Alicia and Ashlyn
Laura Beth's little girls were so precious! I only got one of the two though.

I know I am a tad late on all of these post, but right when we got back from Mountain Home, I flew to California with Momma and Taylor so I'm catching up as fast as I can!!

Meeting Baby Cohen

We went to Mountain Home and when we got there, we all got together at Darla's to eat yummy hamburgers and meet Cohen Collins. He is so precious!! He looks JUST like Cody is amazing!

Here is Cohen with his Grandma Darla.

Cody, Cristy, and Cohen. Cristy is so great with him...very calm! I get a little panicky when he starts crying:)

Sweet Baby! His Uncle Shane. awwww

Cort was so precious with him! He kept saying "I hold Baby Cohen?" He kissed him and rubbed his feet. (Anne-Camille has some great pictures on her blog too!

Madeline was more comfortable than I was! She cracks me up! Such a little adult she is! AC and I went to the pool while I was there and she packed our pool bag!!!

I believe this is the point where Cort had had enough:) AC said one more picture and then decided to take just one you see he was not having it:)

My Birthday!!!

Some of Shane's good friends came in the weekend of my birthday, so me, Taylor, Sweets, Aunt Gaitha, Momma and Daddy went to the aquarium while the boys played golf...don't worry, I'm not posting anymore aquarium pictures:) We had so much fun together! These are pictures of us on the DART. Sweets had never been on the DART before and she loved it! She told us she was going to pack her lunch one day and just ride the DART all day long, anywhere she wanted to go. LOVE HER:) The last picture is what we found when we came home. Glof had worn the boys out! Eli stayed alseep for a while but most the other guys woke up before I could get out my camera so they are acting!
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Collins Visit

I started finding all sorts of pictures when I was cleaning out my memory card. I wrote but didn't post any pictures of when Sam, AC and the kiddos came to visit. The girls loved Sampson...but he was not to sure about them at first. I walked in our bedroom and all I say were little feet:)
By the end they had won his heart and he was purring like a crazy cat on Madeline!
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