Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We just go back from Mexico and it was fabulous!! We had so much fun. Our family went with the Bua's and we had a great time! It was the perfect mix. We relaxed, we danced, we ate, we went on fun adventures, we parasailed, built sandcastles, the fun goes on and on...the best part, we swam with dolphins. I have been wanting to do it for years and Big Tony made it happen and it was great. I had a small moment of not wanting to teach and wanting to become a dolphin trainer! They are so sweet. Here are the highlights:
We walked out to go to dinner and here was what greeted me. What beautiful things God has created!

If you know me, you know I have a crazy fear of birds. This guy insisted on screeching outside our balcony everyday. Although beautiful, I feel him spreading his feathers was a way for him to block my entrance into our building. Early every morning I awoke to his squawking...his way of reminding me he was there.

When parasailing they dip you into the water. I never miss shark week and was NOT jazzed on the idea of being dipped into the deep, dark water; however, from my high vantage point I saw no large shadows so it turned out to be wonderful.

Up in the air. It was so beautiful and you could see for miles

Little Tony and Big Tony playing in the pool.

Shane with his dolphin

How can up pass up a chance to take your picture with a huge Speedy????

On the dance floor. Mostly it was me dancing by myself...but we do have documentation of Shane dancing with me one time!! (Only because Tony threatened him...but it worked)

Do we look like we belong here or what??

Archery became a daily activity. We all tried it at some point and it turned into quite a competition. Here we are all packed in to "support" when I say that it really means make fun. I beat Big Tony two rounds and it was a great moment!! Dad was the best of us all and entertained us with stories about his early bow shooting days. He practiced shooting the bow straight up in the air when he was little in Gober and would dodge it when it came back down. What a great activity for a small boy to practice.

Shane and Tony

Taylor and Tony

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Talent

So, my friend Laura is going to live in Guatemala next year and she decided she wanted dreadlocks. She enlisted my help and since we've been doing random things for years, it was only natural that I help. I found that I am quite the "dreader" so if you're ever interested here is how to do it:) (we acquired our knowledge by watching you tube)
Start with a lovely head of hair that might or might not have been washed in a couple of weeks and might or might not have been brushed out in longer than that.

Section hair into a million sections and rubberband. All about 1 inch.

Begin to twist sections of hair (an here's where my talent kicks in) and rat the mess out of it with a fine tooth comb.

After twisting and ratting, roll sections of hair in your hands and coat with wax. The wax is water resistant and therefore very hard to remove from your hands...but we found our hands were very soft:)

Cut out million of rubber bands

And there you have it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Best Night of My Life:)

Well, close!
I don't even know where to begin. Well, most of you know I love the Twilight series...this is the point where some of you I'm sure will stop reading!! A group from school got together and watched New Moon, so we planned to do the same for Eclipse and decided to be true fans and go to the midnight fun! Christy decided to throw a little pre party and the movie (through the power of fate I'm sure) just happened to come out on my birthday!!!! Therefore, the party turned into the best birthday party I've ever had thanks to Taylor, Christy and Heather!! Due to this party...I am now the proud owner of a full size cardboard replica of Edward Cullen!! (more on that later)
At the party we had great food, great drinks, great friends and great fun! Then we headed up to the theater 3 1/2 hours early to get a good seat...I was worth it! Here are some highlights...Christy has lots more on her blog and will continue to post I'm sure.

This wonderful life size Edward greeted me at the door of the party and thanks to the lovely hostesses...I got to take home:) Christy is sure Shane will never let me go to her house again after taking him home! Here is Edward meeting Shane in the kitchen the next morning offering to make coffee. Shane hit the three-point stance when he rounded the corner and was ready to tackle him!

Laura was trying her best to hurt Edward...but don't worry team, I protected him! Everyone was looking at us a little weird when we were doing this but Taylor assured them they could ignore us, we'd been doing these "photoshoots" for years!

Me with the fabulously creative party planners!

If you haven't noticed, we all have matching shirts. (We teach elementary...I know it's sooo obvious.) We had mostly team Edwards (whoo-hoo), 2 team Jacobs, 1 Switzerland because she couldn't decide, 1 I'm here for the popcorn, and Stacey opted for the oh so true "I'm here with the crazies"

You can't see the tag, but the girls put rock candy in champagne that made it fizz and sparkle and the tag read "REAL men sparkle" HA!

Here is an up close of the wolf cupcakes

Here is my birthday tower!! It had my favorite book Breaking Dawn on the top, then wolfs, fang bites, and creative are they????

Edward when he greeted me at the door. I see many great things with Edward in the future...standing by the Christmas tree with a Santa hat...wearing the turkey headband at Thanksgiving...wondering if it's too much to take him to my classroom with a sign that says "Be good or I'll bite you". However, I do forget I am now his owner and when I fly around the corner, he has made me scream a time or two!

My birthday sign made by Tater. How fortunate am I that my name is so close to Cullen:)