Sunday, July 13, 2008


Just got back from California. Me, Momma, and Taylor went. While it was a working trip...we had so much fun together. Taylor has all the pictures on her camera which she is supposed to email to me (yesterday) but I have yet to see them. LOVE YOU!! It was so much fun to have a girls trip. We talked about the good ol' days back in Texas and had TONS of laughs (which was a good thing because we ate horribly) so hopefully we burned a lot of calories. We did find a place for them to live!!! It is in Irvine and it is so adorable.
The last night we went out to eat with Ryan and I got a frantic call from Shane. Daddy was staying with him because he had an early doctor's appointment. Well, he missed his snack and wasn't making since but Shane saved the day!!! He was a little bit freaked out-but he made it. Thank you Shane for taking care of him!!!

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jamie said...

woo! loven the new layout and colors laine. and the new pics... amazing. my fav is the cheeseball one of shane and you!!! see you soon...