Thursday, July 31, 2008


So, on Tuesday Taylor and I were sitting at her apartment talking and we started shaking and we heard rumbling. Being from Texas, I have no idea what's going on and I look at Taylor and say, "Is someone on the roof?" Then she screams "It's an earthquake!!" So I jump up and run to her and we grab eachother and squat IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THE FLOOR. Real smart move. At this time the shaking is not that bad so we think it may be over...NO. Then it starts these violent crazy shakes and we are running through the apartment jumping over piles and dodging things and Taylor yells in my face, "Get under that table right now!" So we huddle under the table holding onto eachother so tight we will have bruises. Then all of a sudden it was over. Can I just tell you how freaky that is!!?? It is so crazy because there is really nothing you can do. It only lasted about 45-50 seconds...but that's a long time to shake! We went outside and the neighbor's were all out there going crazy, people were crying, it was nuts. But we are okay and now we are just sending constant prayers that it doesn't happen anymore while we are out here! Momma called and told us to stay away from the edge of the ocean:) However, I'm not worried about that, I am worried about driving through the cannon with the 2 ton rocks that have rolled down the mountain that could fall from being shaken lose and crush us! Anyway, several people that knew we were out here called so just wanted to let everyone know we are okay.


Lindsey said...

OH my Gosh!!! That's scary! So glad ya'll are ok!!! See ya'll next weekend!! :)

Jason and Kyla said...

Thank goodness! We just got home from a short vacation in Austin. While we were there Dad and I flipped on the t.v. and saw that coming across the news. We were like you've GOT to be kidding me! So glad you guys are ok.

jamie said...

wow thats crazy. i like your story about it though... seemed like i was there too (except for the shaking part) : ) see you soon.