Tuesday, July 9, 2013

8 Months


How can our little love bug be 8 months old? You are growing so fast and everyday brings something new and wonderful!

You have teeth! Your two bottom teeth came in within a week of each other and you took it like a champ! Now you have at least three more coming in and you can tell your gums are bothering you but you seem to be taking it in stride.

You are ON. THE. GO.!! Soon after you starting crawling (boy can you move fast!!) we knew we needed to establish some boundaries. So, your Daddy got creative and introduced:



It keeps you contained and uninjured for the most part but now you have started scaling the walls…so I’m sure a new plan will be in place soon.

You went swimming for the first time! You love taking baths so we were pretty sure you would love the water and you do!

First was in your crab pool where you even loved the water spout!



Soon you moved on to bigger and better things when Grana and DT took you swimming in GAT’s pool!




DT loved to make you swim to Ducky!

You love to talk and still make your oooo sound. Your Daddy’s afraid he’s going to have another talker on his hands! You love to say HiiiiIIIii!

New foods you have tried are turkey with sweet potatoes, plums grapes and bananas, mixed veggies, apples with cherries and yogurt drops.

Your poor baby feet!! You still have the worst blisters! We try the best we can but you move your feet constantly and there seems to be nothing we can do.

You spent your first July 4th and GAT and GUR’s fish fry and slept right through the fireworks and the dogs constant barking.

And you were there in style

photo (1)

You’re the firecracker that lights up our lives and we love you to the moon and back!

7 Months

SAM_0863 The most fun thing this month is you starting crawling! You’re Daddy and I have not rested since:) You have been rocking and scooting for awhile but you took off this last month and you haven’t stopped since!








Soon after you also started pulling up on everything and Daddy had to start baby proofing stat!


Sampson has come to the realization his life will never be the same:)


You have also started clapping and waving hi which you love to entertain us with! DT really practiced that waving with you!

You are so sweet and have an adorable personality! You love to make oooo sounds: when you see something pretty, when Daddy opens the blinds in the morning, when you see a toy you like, when you’re watching cartoons, when you talk to Tay Tay, or when you see water fountains…

quinn swim

You still love to eat your cereal. You have tried several different foods.

You love: sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, apples, and pears.

You did not care for: squash or peaches.

You HATE: peas

You love going to see Mrs. Lela and Emma everyday and even though you sometimes fight a nap they love seeing you too!
Daddy and I are counting down the days till summer and can’t wait to spend them with you!

Monday, July 8, 2013

6 months

Our little love bug…growing so fast!


Stats…Weight: 16 lbs 7 oz

Height: 27 in

Head: 16.8 in

You got an A+ on your exam, but your poor feet! You have the most sensitive skin and have horrible blisters between you toes and on the backs of your heels. You’ll be good but one car ride to Grana and DT’s house and you’ve kicked a new huge blister:(

You are a hoot! You still love eating your cereal and we got the go ahead and you started baby food. We started with sweet potatoes and you LOVED them!



Well…it took a few days but now you love them:)

We tried to take your picture in bluebonnets…but you were too busy watching the cars drive by.

Here they come…


There they go…


We love you so much! You have such a precious personality! You love to play peek a boo and have started holding things in front of your face and pulling them down and laughing. You are also sleeping like a good girl! Those nights of sleeplessness seem to be long gone!