Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Birthday!!!

Some of Shane's good friends came in the weekend of my birthday, so me, Taylor, Sweets, Aunt Gaitha, Momma and Daddy went to the aquarium while the boys played golf...don't worry, I'm not posting anymore aquarium pictures:) We had so much fun together! These are pictures of us on the DART. Sweets had never been on the DART before and she loved it! She told us she was going to pack her lunch one day and just ride the DART all day long, anywhere she wanted to go. LOVE HER:) The last picture is what we found when we came home. Glof had worn the boys out! Eli stayed alseep for a while but most the other guys woke up before I could get out my camera so they are acting!
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Anne-Camille said...

CUTECUTECUTE! So glad you had a good birthday!