Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Well, of course I posted 1 month pictures before newborn…oh well. Milano Photography came to the house to take pictures of Quinn. It was a long morning but they got some great photos. Here are some of our favorites:)

Quinn (1)

Quinn (21)

Quinn (36)

Quinn (39)

Quinn (44)

Quinn (53)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

1 Month Old

On November 12th Quinn turned 1 month old! It has gone by so fast, but it also seems like forever ago that we were in the hospital. She has already grown so much this past month.

1 Month Check Up Stats:

  • 10 lbs 1oz (Dr Newton nicknamed you Quinn the mighty!)
  • 21 3/4 in
  • A+ on your report card


Miss Quinn: You are a milk monster and love to eat! When you take your bottle you get down like your life depends on it (well…it kind of does). You have had some trouble “spitting up” (Momma calls it throw up!) so we have to slow you down when you eat. When we take the bottle away, you are NOT happy and when we make you stop to burp your attitude comes out in full force! You also exhibit our family trait of snorting when you get really angry:) We are still squeezing you in your newborn diapers but you have already started to outgrow some of your newborn PJ’s and I just can’t believe you have already grown that much! Your most favorite thing to do right now is stretch! You love kicking your legs and most often your arms are up on both sides of your head. Your Daddy and I love watching you stretch and grunt! Here are some things from this month~

You had your first bath at home. Momma and Daddy were a little nervous so Grana helped us out:) You took it like a champ! Then came your second bath and you were not a fan! But, we think you’re going to be a water bug because now you love taking a bath!

SAM_0435 SAM_0442

Here you are with DT on your 1 week birthday. You love to sit up like a big girl and show us how strong you are! You can also be quite fussy but you’re no match for DT and his power rocking:)


It’s your first Halloween! Your outfit said “Daddy’s Under My Spell”

SAM_0444 SAM_0448

You got a visit  from one our favorite boys, Lawrence! Tay Tay went to pick him up. He brought you a pair of PJ’s, a cute little outfit and a super sweet card. He is your current BFF.


You went to your first brunch with all our Bonham gals. You were such a good girl!


We love you a ton and can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

We hope a little more sleep:)