Friday, November 20, 2009


We are leaving school right now to go see New Moon! We have been counting down for weeks:) I am super excited and I feel my teaching has been clouded today by thoughts of Edward...Shane is ready for the movie to be over so my obsession will end, sorry for Shane I don't think it ever will. I hope is stays closer to the books than Twilight. I'll report back!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Storybook Character Day

Here we are...The Three Little Pigs.
We can't dress up for Halloween, so we got to do storybook characters. We did it last year and the kids really loved it so we did it again. This year every grade level picked a theme and decorated rooms and dressed up. First grade picked the three little pigs. We all had so much fun and we won. Can you believe we went out in public like this?? The kids thought it was the best ever!

Sampson freaked out when I walked out of the bathroom! He would not come out from under the couch. Shane thinks it's hands down the best outfit I've ever owned:)

Stacey's house of straw

My house of sticks

Here is Jessica's house of bricks

Here is Taylor's door. She was pinkalicious if you can't tell. And very bitter about not winning the theme contest.


I miss Jedda! He is in Leon, Mexico learning and doing fabulous work. They don't make many like Jedda! He came in for a few days and I got to visit with him and Aunt Donna on their way to the airport. Now we won't see him for a while but keep up through his blog! Love you Jed!

A Little Late...

Well, I had good intentions of keeping up with this and keeping people updated with Shane's football, but that didn't happen. So, I'm now starting to try again! Here we are on our first day of school together! (It was the end of a long day so we look a little ragged)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Last Hurrah!

I LOVE the girls I teach with and I am sooo excited that Taylor will be teaching at my school this year! We are really blessed to have great teammates who love each other and what they do! We decided to get together to eat and have a little fun before we start back to school tomorrow!
Just throwing these in there. I made these for Tater to put in her classroom.

Taylor and Melissa They will both teach 3rd grade

Me with Stacey This will be our 4th year teaching together and I absolutely cannot imagine teaching with anyone else. She has become such a great friend and I love her so much!

Ready to roll...(we gave Melissa some "texas" hair:)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dallas Summer Musicals

The last week in July a big group of girls went to see Legally Blonde. I love the movie and didn't know how I would like it with music, but it was really cute! It was really funny and you can't beat a night out with the girls:)
Taylor, Me, Becky, and Jamie (I stole this from Jamie's blog...thanks!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, last week Anne-Camille came down and a group of girls went to see New Kids on the Block. I know, some of you are thinking...WHAT??? But don't hate! It was so much fun! We thought we would go for old times sake, have a few laughs, make fun...but we had a great time! It was like we were instantly transported back 20 years. Old crushes were renewed, we knew every word to every song, we screamed it was too fun!

Let the fun begin! AC, Stacey, Taylor, Loren, Me

The Northrich Gals

We move to our upgraded seats:)

AC and me

Loren and AC

Taylor and Me

These guys were awesome!

Do you think Taylor was excited when they came out??

To my Mom's main man D-Dub:)

The Boys!

Jordan...we can't believe we loved these guys 20 years ago!!

Good 'ol Joey

We were watching a video on the screen and all of a sudden they popped up right beside us. I thought Taylor was going to hurt herself getting over to Jordan...and yes, she says they made eye contact...ha! ha!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mt. Home

With everything going on I haven't had time to post these. At the end of June we went to Mountain Home to visit Shane's family and had a great time. Cohen turned one, we got to see most of the family, had pool time (girls), boys had golf time, had time at the lake with Shane's mom, and went on a canoe trip (SUPER HOT...borderline miserable).
Baby Cohen

Cody, Cohen, Grandma Darla, Uncle Shane

Cody w/Cohen, Sam w/Cort, Shane

The Girls
Darla, Christy, Laine, Anne-Camille, Jamie

Cort and Cousin Shane

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. We lost are beloved Poppy on Sunday. He was 87 years old. It has been so hard this week. He had gotten so sick and it was sad to watch, but we just weren't ready to let him go. It has been the hardest to watch my Mimi. They were married for 65 years and they had such a great love for eachother and our family. We will miss him so much!

He was born in 1922 so you can imagine how old this picture is:)

He was in the US Air Force...what a stud!

With Mimi.

The principal of Gober High School

Family Picture: Poppy, Gaitha, Daddy, Mimi
I told Shane if we have a son as cute as Daddy I would never be able to get onto them!

In the Gober Baptist Church where he was a leader in the church and the community.

Mimi, Poppy, and her sister Martha.

At his office.

Me and Taylor with Poppy in our always matching outfits.

At his retirement reception when he retired as superentident after 38 years in education.

Taylor, Mimi, Me, Poppy

Christmas with his new Rangers hat.

We always sang as a family.

Being goofy.

Stopping by as he always did after picking vegetables in his garden.

Christmas 2006

At my wedding with Mimi in 2003

When everyone came to Fayetteville for mine and Shane's graduation in 2005.

In Fayetteville.