Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Surgery Update

Well, Shane went for his pre-op appiontment today and all is a go. He was kind of afraid him being sick lately would throw a kink in things, but the doctor said it was fine. If you don't know, he has had neck problems for years so he is having some disk taken out and bones fused together in his neck. He gets to wear a very flattering neck collar. He was modeling tonight and it was ravishing:) Anyway, his surgery is next Thursday and of course I'll keep you updated! I think I am more nervous about it than he is. I think he is just ready to be relieved of some pain...poor guy.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love My Kids

So it just occured to me that I never really post anything about school. I love my kids so much!! Even when they don't do what I would prefer them to do...I love teaching and they can always bring a smile to my face. They care about eachother and they care about me. I have so many funny and sweet stories, which I try to write down, I know I will love thinking back on them. I am going to try to post more because I figure they might give you a laugh when you need it...they always give me one.
So this is a picture that one of my kids gave me of me playing at the park with his family.
It is not precious!!!!

Off the top of my head funnies:

-At a school get together we were sitting our kids down waiting for the speaker to start...with 46ish first graders it is hard to keep them under control:) Our P.E. teacher is too funny and she was trying to engage them to fill time and she was asking different students what they liked about their teacher. Everyone was saying "She's so nice", "We do fun things", "She teaches us interesting things"...It gets to the little girl in my class and she sits thinking very hard and then says "She always has good breath when she talks"

-Before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, we were talking about him and reading stories...we had talked about him before but never really had an "in depth" discussion about him. It is hard to talk about anything with them because they want to know every single detail and they have so many questions. They couldn't understand why anyone would want to hurt such a good man, why they didn't want to go to school together because they (my kids) are all so different and good friends. So the questions begin and they want to know all different things but they really wanted to know where he was shot for some reason. I told them I didn't know then, one of my little boys raised his hand and said he new where he was shot. '"They shot him in his heart 'cause that's where all his love comes from" AWE they can be so precious and innocent.

-They have a WEIRD obsession with George Washington. You mention his name and they go crazy! "Oh, I love George Washington!" "He's so sweet!" What??? Anyway, we were reading a story and there was a side picture of him on a horse. One little girl raised her head and said "I didn't know George Washington only had one leg."

Enough for now.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Too funny

Okay, so I got this from Anne-Camille's blog. You can mix your face with a celebrity and their hair. I couldn't get my face to look right, so I started with Shane's and I could not stop laughing. He even did it too. So here he is as.....
Collin Farrell
My personal favorite...Nick Lachey
Eric Bana (he he)
Anderson Cooper:)