Friday, June 24, 2011

Shane's Birthday

Another great night with the 4 Amigos! That's what we call ourselves these days:) We are so happy Tony is joining our family! We all love each other very much (which is good because we see each other EVERY SINGLE DAY!!) and have a blast together.
Shane's birthday was June 3rd. We ate at Bailey's in Allen...YU-MMY! Then went bowling and shuffle boarding at Strike.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buddy Fun Day

Here we are...we make our mother so proud. The theme of Buddy Fun Day (our field day) this year was Groovin' Through the Decades. Our school turned 50 so it was the perfect theme!

This is Taylor and her team. Veronica and Amanda have been wonderful teammates to Taylor and they have had so much fun together. Bet you can't guess their decade:) When all three of them got together, it kind of hurt your eyes to look at them!

Me with my fabulous team, Stacey and Jessica.