Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, last week Anne-Camille came down and a group of girls went to see New Kids on the Block. I know, some of you are thinking...WHAT??? But don't hate! It was so much fun! We thought we would go for old times sake, have a few laughs, make fun...but we had a great time! It was like we were instantly transported back 20 years. Old crushes were renewed, we knew every word to every song, we screamed it was too fun!

Let the fun begin! AC, Stacey, Taylor, Loren, Me

The Northrich Gals

We move to our upgraded seats:)

AC and me

Loren and AC

Taylor and Me

These guys were awesome!

Do you think Taylor was excited when they came out??

To my Mom's horror...my main man D-Dub:)

The Boys!

Jordan...we can't believe we loved these guys 20 years ago!!

Good 'ol Joey

We were watching a video on the screen and all of a sudden they popped up right beside us. I thought Taylor was going to hurt herself getting over to Jordan...and yes, she says they made eye contact...ha! ha!

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Anne-Camille Collins said...

It was soooooooooooooooo much fun! One of my favorite times with you!!! I'll cherish it forever! LOL!

BTW, I've listened to Dirty
Dahn-cing EVERY DAY!