Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Last Hurrah!

I LOVE the girls I teach with and I am sooo excited that Taylor will be teaching at my school this year! We are really blessed to have great teammates who love each other and what they do! We decided to get together to eat and have a little fun before we start back to school tomorrow!
Just throwing these in there. I made these for Tater to put in her classroom.

Taylor and Melissa They will both teach 3rd grade

Me with Stacey This will be our 4th year teaching together and I absolutely cannot imagine teaching with anyone else. She has become such a great friend and I love her so much!

Ready to roll...(we gave Melissa some "texas" hair:)


jamie said...

that's so great! congrats taylor!

jamie said...

oh... hey laine ;) xoxo

Jason and Kyla said...

My word do they require you to be beautiful to teach at that school? Yall are so pretty! I've been thinking of you two Trout girls lately, praying that your first days have gone well and praising God that sweet people like you are influencing the lives of these babies. My how blessed the families in your class are to have you!

Life as a Spencer! said...

Um...since I never see you I am really going to need you to update this thing so I can feel like a part of your life again. Miss you beautiful!