Saturday, October 31, 2009

Storybook Character Day

Here we are...The Three Little Pigs.
We can't dress up for Halloween, so we got to do storybook characters. We did it last year and the kids really loved it so we did it again. This year every grade level picked a theme and decorated rooms and dressed up. First grade picked the three little pigs. We all had so much fun and we won. Can you believe we went out in public like this?? The kids thought it was the best ever!

Sampson freaked out when I walked out of the bathroom! He would not come out from under the couch. Shane thinks it's hands down the best outfit I've ever owned:)

Stacey's house of straw

My house of sticks

Here is Jessica's house of bricks

Here is Taylor's door. She was pinkalicious if you can't tell. And very bitter about not winning the theme contest.


Tracey said...

Bailey told me you were the cutest of all!!!

The Bertram's said...

too cute - I love it. I must say you are the most beautiful pig I have ever seen! Taylor's door was very impressive - she definitely went all out. Ava loves those books.
Hope to see you guys soon!