Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mt. Home

With everything going on I haven't had time to post these. At the end of June we went to Mountain Home to visit Shane's family and had a great time. Cohen turned one, we got to see most of the family, had pool time (girls), boys had golf time, had time at the lake with Shane's mom, and went on a canoe trip (SUPER HOT...borderline miserable).
Baby Cohen

Cody, Cohen, Grandma Darla, Uncle Shane

Cody w/Cohen, Sam w/Cort, Shane

The Girls
Darla, Christy, Laine, Anne-Camille, Jamie

Cort and Cousin Shane


Anne-Camille Collins said...

Great pics!
So much fun! I had a great time at the pool with you, fun at dinner @ Darla's, and had an "okay" time on the river... WAY TOO HOT!!! Just wish you'd come out with the girls on the houseboat!
Can't wait for NKOTB pics!

Tracey said...

Looks like you are busy this summer too! I bet you really don't want summer to end, haha. I don't really either. I heard there was a new change in 1st next year, I was really relieved it wasn't you!