Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving #2

Saturday we had "Thanksgiving" at Sweets' house. We had so much fun! It got so cold so everyone brought a different soup and different was wonderful. Then we played games and laughed all of the calories out:) The Trout's, Collins', Pannell's, and Braggs were there plus some friends. It was great!!!
Sweets is so are the snow people she made out of old swimming pool pumps, highway barrels and other things.

Our traditional pile on the bed picture:)

Shane thinking " am I going to act out New Kids on the Block" He did a good job and everyone got it!!

Making a game plan

Aunt Donna, Taylor, and Jason

The Grandkids

The Girls

The Boys


jamie said...

glad you had a great turkey day.
see you guys soon.
you are mine and AC's when you get here ;) movie and lunch!

Chesley said...
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Chesley said...

Oh I just love these pictures! Seeing all of these sweet faces that I grew up with! I found Jason on Facebook today and I have been down that memory road remembering Sulpher Springs and Bonham.
Glad your family had a good Thanksgiving!

Anne-Camille said...

Great pics. They made me want to celebrate a holiday with your family!!! :)

Can't wait to be together soon.