Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Surgery Update

Well, Shane went for his pre-op appiontment today and all is a go. He was kind of afraid him being sick lately would throw a kink in things, but the doctor said it was fine. If you don't know, he has had neck problems for years so he is having some disk taken out and bones fused together in his neck. He gets to wear a very flattering neck collar. He was modeling tonight and it was ravishing:) Anyway, his surgery is next Thursday and of course I'll keep you updated! I think I am more nervous about it than he is. I think he is just ready to be relieved of some pain...poor guy.


Taylor and Ryan said...

You will certainly both be in my prayers...I sure hope it helps him. Love you both!! ~Tater

Jamie said...

good luck....we will be thinking about ya!