Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, this past weekend we got to go to Fayetteville and meet Sam and Anne-Camille (shane's aunt and uncle). We had such a blast, as we always do, and it was great to catch up. We did lots of talking and had LOTS of laughs!
Here is the Big "A" the players run through before the game. The band also did a really neat tribute to the troops at half time spelling out each one...it was great!
We found Shane's name on the "Football Letterman" list and we were so excited...however Shane didn't realize we were going to take his picture and make him point to it. As you can tell by the picture he is very enthused about it.
Sam and Anne-Camille are such a joy to be around! They are both wonderful people, so full of life and they have such an evident love for one another.
The group before heading to the best Mexican restaurant EVER!! La Huerta. I think about it everyday:) and it was not a disappointment.
I am so glad I have gotten to know this lady! We have become great friends and she has truly blessed my life!


Anne-Camille Collins said...

Awwwwwwwww! You got some different pictures than I did!!! You'll have to send them my way! We had so much fun! Wish we were doing it all over again this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

At least Thanksgiving isn't too far away!

You two take care!
Love you!!!

Jason and Kyla said...

Ok this has nothing to do with this post but I needed to email you and wasn't sure the address I have is current - the kids and I are going to McKinney later this week and are going to cook out on Thursday night. Ryan and Kelli are coming over and Gran and Dwain too sort of as a very casual birthday thing for mom. Anyway we just wanted you guys to know in case you could come and join us. We would love to see you. Know it's a school night and all that and that you all are busy, so totally understand if you can't. We totally would've come to G.O. on Halloween had we known you all would've been there!!

Jamie said...

So! this too is nothing about this post.... i was going to answer your question...& dont have ur email! so, it is us & dad & darla!

Anne-Camille Collins said...

Just one more week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! We'll need to make some plans! Can't wait to see you!

Miss you.