Monday, October 15, 2007


We went to Fayetteville this weekend to watch the HOGS...they lost:( but we had a great time getting to catch up with everyone! Thanks Bertram's for letting us crash at your house!! See you guys this weekend! Sam and AC, can't wait to meet you there in 2 weeks!!!
These are our great friends Tasha and Cody. We went to eat at an old favorite Penguin Ed's and had to capture the moment!

Yea! Tom found our name on the Senior Walk...proof that we did graduate!
Shane and his mom outside the stadium! I owe Darla a BIG thank you for her socks! I tried to be a hero and wear high-heels. Well, the MOUNTAINS in Fayetteville are very unforgiving and after about 5 min. of walking, I had blisters. So...I rolled up my jeans and wore socks...very chic!

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Anne-Camille Collins said...

OMG! Seeing these pics of y'all in Fayetteville makes me so excited to all be together!!! Just a little while longer........!

I had thought about wearing heels to the game, but after reading your story I'm even thinking about wearing tennis shoes! Everytime I seem to go ANYWHERE in Fayetteville I REGRET my choice of shoes. Dang hills!

Can't wait to all be together again soon! :) Love you!