Sunday, September 16, 2007

Patriot Football

Here are some pictures of my classroom and some of what our football program looks like. I'm teaching technology education and coaching the 8th grade football team. It has been really busy so far and I'm looking forward to our first scrimmage on the 18th! I hope this gives you guys some sort of idea of what I'm doing down here. See ya!

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Anne-Camille Collins said...


It's pretty neat seeing your new job! I like the uniform photos. Maybe someday soon I'll get to watch you coach a game. Maybe you can post some game photos? We're really proud of you and happy for you.

Sam (and family!)

Jamie said...

WOW! Shane that is great! I am very proud of you. So, weird... your classroom. Amazing!
Great job! Look forward to hearing more.

Taylor and Ryan said...

This is really cool, Shane! Your uniforms are sharp--I love the red! And the practice field looks really nice! Sure wish I could be there on the 18th! Good luck Coach! :)

Karen Collins said...

How very proud we are of you both! Wish we were there cheering you on. Just remember we are in spirit! It looks like your facilities are wonderful.
Dad & Mama K
Pebbles & Olga-kitty

Jason and Kyla said...

Alright let's get to the good stuff. We need an action shot on the sidelines and a stadium shot of the coaches' wife. : )