Thursday, September 6, 2007


I had just touched some sting rays! I was very excited...I yanked my hand out of the tank several times before I actually did it so I wanted to document the occasion! Sarah was scared and a germ-a-phob (sp?) so she wouldn't touch them.
We bought these really cool shark mask:) People thought we were crazy wearing them, but they proved a good time for us! This little girl came up to us and said, "Where did you get those?" We sadly had to tell her we got the last one:) We're so mean
After seeing this, I will be doing some heavy duty thinking before jumping into lakes with these suckers! I'm thinking this could cause some major damage!

Da Da...Sharks are my favorite!!! I didn't miss a single Shark Week program on the Discovery Channel this summer! So the shark tank was the best! It was huge and it went all the way around and over your head. They even had cut-outs in the floor where they were swimming under your feet, I was a little uneasy about walking over those because little kids were jumping on them. They also had these huge (200-450 lb) sea turtles and when this shark swam under him, he slapped him with his fin...funny.
Look at the teeth on this dude! C-R-A-Z-Y! AND you could scuba dive in the tanks with these things at 6YEARS OLD. I don't know who in their right mind would let their 6 year old do that???
So...I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to aquariums (I am aware I am a dork). I have asked every year to go to the Dallas aquarium for my birthday, but Daddy isn't interested. Well, while I was in Denver, Sarah took me to the aquarium. SO MUCH FUN! I acted like a crazy person! I was so excited running around and reading the information about the fish. It was great and it had more things than just fish because you "traveled" to different parts of the world and they included other animals that would be in the habitat also.
I took about 100 pictures there (I think Sarah got embarrassed) so I tried to narrow it down.


Jason and Kyla said...

You guys are such a hoot! What a fun trip!!

Jamie said...

looks like you guys had a great time...
I love your narrating... i bet your a good storyteller!

Anne-Camille Collins said...

You crack me up!!!

Anne-Camille Collins said...

Oh- and you've been tagged. Check out my Sept. 9th blog...!