Wednesday, March 13, 2013

4 Months

Weight: 14 lbs 10 oz

Height: 25 in

Head: 16.5 in - and your doctor said your head shape is getting better:)


Quinn, You are such a sweet, sweet baby! You have been a pretty good sleeper, usually only waking up once about 2:30. We feed you and then you go right back to sleep. You are still loving to go to Mrs. Lela’s! You still HATE riding in your car seat. Most times you just cry, cry and eventually (if we’re lucky) fall asleep. You have been rolling over from your belly to your back for a while but you now have started rolling from your back to your belly. You did it for the first time at Grana and DT’s house and your Daddy and I couldn’t believe we missed it! You got a jumper for Christmas and you LOVE it!! I’m afraid you might get bouncing baby syndrome! You love your baths still and kick and squeal every night! You got your first cold and we had to spray solution up your nose and suction it and you are defiantly not of fan! You love to smile, laugh, and squeal. We think your pretty funny!!

You are a little TV-aholic! I think you would watch it all day if you could. You love to sit and watch football with your Daddy!


Your first Super Bowl and Tay Tay’s and Ton Ton’s house


You went to your first birthday party. Your friend, Tyler, turned 2! You had lots of fun and it just wiped you out!


family tummy time


We love you so much you sweet little thing! We can’t believe how much you’ve grown!












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