Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Cute!

So, let me start this out by saying...I am not a crafty person. Taylor sucked it all out on her way out of the womb I do believe. I always have these great ideas in my head, then when I try them out, it looks like one of my first graders did it. However, I let Taylor talk me into it AND I DID IT!! (and it's not half bad)
It all started one cold, rainy night last week. We were at Karen's and saw the cutest little wreath made from burlap. We asked her about it and she said Kyla made it. So, Kyla being the wonderful woman that she is sent us the directions. She found it on another blog ( ) and it just so happens that Taylor and I have become completely obsessed with this lady now!
It's just great how all this mess can turn into something cute! You can go to the above website for a tutorial...but basically you wrap the wreath, create a ruffle, glue it on, then add cute details.

Here are Taylor's Fall details up close. We got tons of different fabric to change along with the seasons.

My new wreath and it's new home! Taylor's is better than mine (of course) I had had some minor set backs, but for my first craft project EVER...I thought it turned out great!


Christy said...

Loooove it! And whatever to the 'not crafty' thing....I work with you, I've seen your things up in the classroom and the hallways. You just have explored your craftiness yet. :O)

melissafox said...

So cute Laine!!! I LOVE IT! :) said...

these would make great christmas presentS!!
love you

Jason and Kyla said...

You all did such a great job! How fun!

Jason and Kyla said...

Well clearly you've given up on updating your blog!! but I hope you haven't given up on updating your wreath. Mine just got its spring makeover. : )