Friday, June 27, 2008

Catching Up

So I have been a horrible blogger. I thought that when summer came I would be doing nothing, that was a mistake. We have been able to relax but we have been so busy! So I thought I could do a long update and those who love us will read it:)

First of all Shane and I are having a wonderful time having our summer vacation together!! It has been wonderful!

Our adventures started at the end of May when we went to Florida for Melissa's wedding. It was a total blast! It was the crew from Bonham back together again and we all had so much fun. Laura, Angie, and Josh drove. Me, Shane, Sarah, and Jeremiah flew. But of course Shane and I got bumped from the flight and didn't get there until midnight. The next day it rained but we made the best of it and built sandcastles and rode waves in the rain. Saturday we had the wedding and it was great. Ben and Melissa are so much in love and Melissa looked so beautiful!

When we got back it was time to move into the house (between Shane having finals, me walking with 60 first graders to the park, public library, taking them to the zoo...) It was a little stressful but now we are in and we love it.

Not long after we moved in Taylor came to spend the night and went to school to see my kids. And we all took Shane out and celebrated his birthday!! When she left, Sam and AC came with the kids. It was short but fun! They got to see our schools, we had good Mexican food and the girls loved playing with Sampson. Then we all headed to Tony and Lindsey's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we danced the night away at the reception.

We came back and I spent most of the time in Bonham. Taylor is here for the summer while Ryan studies for the bar so it has been absolutely wonderful!! We have had so much fun but it will make it that much harder for her to leave us again:( Then it was time to head to Windom where we met the Case's and Cox's and jammed to the music of David Trout and the Band. Taylor and I also sang with the band...and it will probably be the last. But we had a great time seeing the Case's and the Cox's and playing with Tyler the dancing queen and Weston the swing king!

Then Taylor came back and spent the week with us...where we will forever be in debt to her service because she came with us to our apartment and pack up the remaining junk and we cleaned to three hours with NO air conditioning in the June Texas heat. We appreciate her and will now do anything to help her! We have been having so much fun cooking, watching old videos, lots of laughing (poor Shane). Then we had all the girls over and watched old videos from back in the day. We didn't realize it at the time, but we loved growing up in Bonham and all those small town memories!

And now for the most exciting news of the summer...Shane and I are officially an Uncle and Aunt! Shane's brother and Cristy had a precious baby boy! He is just adorable and we can't wait to get to Mountain Home and see them!

I probably forgot some things but that is most of it. Oh, Shane and I had a lot of fun celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. We ate what else but Mexican food, annual tradition of putt-putt (this started in college when we had no money:) and wanted something fun) and then came home and watched the was great!


Anne-Camille said...

It's about dang time you caught us all up! :)

Great post!

I can't believe you got Shane to watch The Notebook. It's one of Sam's all-time favorites... I tell everyone that! It embarrasses him. Oh well...

I'll see you in just a few days!!! :) Can't wait! Get ready for some Pollyanna!

jamie said...

aw. that is great. yeah, the notebook! wow. and i can not believe that you guys have been married for 5 years already! amazing. we are all excited to see you guys. laykins been asking about you... see you soon!
happy bdays and anniversary!

Anne-Camille said...

Okay... so I'm curious... what's up with the John Denver songs???

Anonymous said...

Loved the big update! Happy Anniversary to you two also! We cant believe it's been five years!!!! Stay tuned to my blog for our anniversary story... We were actually in dallas and thought about calling, but we were taking atvantage of being alone... :) one year we should celebrate together though! Glad you're enjoying your new house!! Any chance you and Taylor would luke to come visit us in Camden this summer? I miss you both! Love, Kristin