Sunday, December 30, 2007


I am very sad today! I was playing with my camera last night and hit the button that erased ALL the pictures:( I had tons of pictures from California, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Taylor visiting, Mountain Home trips, my school kids, the list goes on and on.

Without the pictures we have still had a good break! It started in Texas when Taylor and Ryan came in from Cali. However, the family togetherness was interrupted by Miss. Priss (Taylor's cat). She got really sick and Taylor and I were on our way to the animal hospital in McKinney on Christmas morning about 6 am. That was scary for a while but I am glad to report she is healthy and back to her old tricks. We had fun at Mimi and Poppy's, Sweet's house and now we are in Mountain Home visiting Shane's family...making the rounds! Shane is loving the long break he got this year. It is a perk:)

Hope you had a great holiday and have a happy New Year!


Jamie said...

that is a bummer.
it was so nice to see you guys though... love my bag! : )

Anne-Camille Collins said...

I know how bummed you were about losing all your pics. If you want me to send you any of mine I can. Let me know.

So great to see you over the break- so glad Shane was able to have so much time off! Miss you guys already! :(

Take care and hopefully the next time we'll see you will be on Texas ground! Yee haw!!!!!!!!!! :)

Love you girl.