Monday, September 8, 2008

Gross but Funny

Well, I take my kids to music this morning and as I round the corner, I hear a little boy whispering "Mrs. Crump"..."Mrs. Crump". This is a Kindergarten teacher's name, so I walk over and he is around the corner at the bathroom. I asked him if he needed some help (as he's poking his head out of the bathroom). He says yes so this is the conversation that follows:

Me: Do you need help?

Boy: Yes, I need Mrs. Crump

Me: Well, Mrs. Crump is busy teaching, let me help you.

Boy: Okay. I had to poop, a lot.
(At this time I am thinking...Oh boy, should have gotten Mrs. Crump)

Me: Okay, what do you need help with.

Boy: Well, I had to poop, and there was so much poop. So then, I had to use A LOT (motioning with his hands) of toilet paper. Now, there's so much paper, I can't flush or it will flood.

Another teacher walked up at this point...and as I was barely holding in my laughter:
Well, let's to have a look to see what we can do.

Me: That is a lot of paper, maybe next time you don't have to use this much.

Boy: There was A LOT of poop!

Me: Okay, just be careful. GO WASH YOUR HANDS!

It's just things like this that keep me going through the day:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Very Excited

So...I am super excited about Darius Rucker's new CD. If you haven't heard his new song "Don't Think About It" you should! I used to LOVE Hootie and the Blowfish back in the day and now can't wait to buy this September 16! At first I wasn't too sure about it because I am tired of people who can't make it in any other music genre (jessica simpson) moving to country. But I even busted out the old Hootie and he sounds the same. He's not "twanging" it up which I appreciate!