Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catching Up

I have been a horrible blogger this summer! I thought I would do a catching up. I just posted several and there are tons more but I feel my Sunday nap coming on:)
Shane and I have both survived our first week of school! He has started football and has several HUGE kids playing this year so he hopes it will be a good season. The first day of school he came home and said no one was kicked out or put in ISS so it was already an improvement from last year:) He is feeling much better this year because he knows what to expect and what's to come. We were both sad to see summer come to an end but happy to have some structure again.
We started the comute and so far it hasn't been too bad. We have been riding together most days so thank goodness for the HOV lane! Traffic is just crazy in the morning. A 20-25 min. drive can turn into an hour quickly!
I have a really great class this year! It was sad to see all my kids from last year and have them walk past me in the hall! I tried to get several to come back to first grade and had several convinced! I'm sure I will have some stories this year! The second day of school I picked them up from lunch (I actually ate with them and only left to go to the bathroom for two min.) one my little boys was covered in ketchup! He is little bitty and VERY active (havn't been successful in having him sit in his chair yet) but so cute. I said what happend bud? He said he was just trying to take home his ketchup to not waste it but the more he pushed it in his pocket, the more it came out! He had stuffed opened ketchup, not the little ones either, the plastic dipping kind in his pocket. It was EVERYWHERE! Pants, shirt, socks, hands...what can you do?

Pat in Paris

So last night we went to a little honky tonk in Paris, Texas to see Pat Green! Since we are all back in Texas again we thought that was what we needed! It was so much fun! He was hilarious and they always put on a great show!

Shane, Me, Taylor and Eli ready to rock:)

We ran into Nikki who used to babysit us when we were little! We LOVED her and thought she was just the coolest so it was so wonderful to see her again!

Talkin to Pat!!

My Room

When I finally got the courage to return to my classroom, this is what I saw. DEPRESSING! You work to hard to make it cute and then you have to take it down and cover it at the end of the year. Then the cleaning crew comes and destroys it even more. On top of that, I decided at the end of last year that I wanted to redo a lot of things...stupid. Taylor came to help me and we worked hard for DAYS with no air conditioning to boot! But we finally got it finished and it looks great and ready for kiddos! I'll post those soon but I wanted everyone to see just how much we accomplished:)

Great Surprise!!!

We went to Mountain Home at the beginning of August for Grace and Lyle's wedding (beautiful!). At the reception AC said we needed to come by their house before we left because they had a surprise for us!! Well Sam spilled the beans:) but it didn't make it any less sweet!


We were supper pumped! When we got back to Texas we went immediately to get the playing pieces and started playing. Then I took it to my parents and we played and they love it too!Thank you sooo much Sam and Anne-Camille! WE LOVE IT!

Miguel's Birthday

So Michael turned the big 3-2 and we went to this really neat bowling alley in Addison. There were these huge screens everywhere with music and the best part...I beat Shane!!!! Hope you had a good one Michael!

Birthday Boy

The Boys

The Girls

Happy Golfer:)

Shane might not be to happy with this but I thought it was a hoot! He and my cousins went to play golf and when they got back they were all so hot and then Shane took his shirt off...when he turned around this is what we saw! We laughed so hard! His salty sweat lines looked like a little smiley face. He had a good time and it showed!