Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My (other) Man

Don't worry, Shane knows:) So, last Monday we went to see BON JOVI! It was sooo much fun! Daughtry opened and they were great! It pains me to say this, but Shane actually liked him better than Jon. The pictures aren't great, neither is the video, but I'm going to show them anyway. Beware there are a lot. Also some video that is not so hot, but I have promised it to some gals that didn't get to come along. Mostly you can hear me and my friend Euan screaming and sometimes "singing" if you're lucky. That would also be part of the reason that I had no voice ALL week! Here they are...

By the end of the night, Shane was finished with the fun. We rode the DART which was great going, but coming back they only had 2 trains...yes 2 coming from American Airlines Center. We rode halfway and then had to switch trains and wait 45 min for the last train of the nignt. We finally got home a little after 1am...got up about 4 hours later and went to work.
Okay, you got lucky. The video is taking so long, I am only uploading one. Never fear...I might have the energy to upload more later.


Great Visit

Lookin' good in Honey's glasses!

Tyler was my buddy...I finally found someone who likes to dance around as much as I do:)
It was short but great! Shane, Momma, and I got to see the Case's and they had Tyler and Weston with them! They are so cute and we don't get to see them often, so it was a treat. We even got to stick around long enough to get a short visit in with Kyla.


So, we were all going out to dinner and Sarah made a comment about Jeremiah's shirt...so he went back in the closet and by the time they got to our apartment this is what he looked like. Hat, fly fishing shirt with huge pockets and vented sides, hiked up pants, and boots. Lovely!
Here he is...Mr. Stetson himself.
He was bound and determine to wear that in, but he finally changed when we were out in the parking lot walking in.