Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So I am finally facing reality and posting. We did have so much fun! We went all over the place and I think (I hope) I came back with tighter abs becasue of all the laughing we did!

This is us in Long Beach after the trip to the aquarium. We ate at Tequilla Jacks which was really yummy and then walked down the pier near the docks. It was really neat. We were trying to find someone to take our picture and we found this guy who was having a little too much fun and it took him about 10 min to finally figure out how to take it. He had a really great time trying (keyword is trying) to impersonate our accent. Which we don't think are that bad, but apparently they are because everytime we speak out there someone says "Where are you from?" Anyway, it was a great time and I am ready to see her again.

Another Aquarium

I would love to spend my days lounging like this!

They had this huge life-like whale hanging from the ceiling.

We were scared of these things!!
This is a shark embryo that they sliced the outside off. You could see the was crazy!!
This sting ray was 250 pounds!!! It was huge!!

Exploring New Talents

Ryan started talking about maybe cutting his hair or buzzing it. So Taylor and I said...Let us do it! HE DID!! We could not believe that he was actually letting us take clippers to his head! So we cramed into their little bathroom and got to work.

Midway w/a mohawk...what a good sport

Pat Green at House of Blues

The last night I was in California, we went to Disneyland Park and saw Pat Green at the House of Blues. Being from Texas, we love him and Ryan even had fun!

This is one of the guitar players. They threw guitar picks from the stage which Taylor and I got:) and Ryan wanted one so we buddied up with him so we could get one for him and we did. Us with all of our new Pat Green gear!
Ryan with his new haircut.
Us using our guitar picks to "play" our guitars.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Post

So, I know I need to make a new post and put my California visit on here...which we had SO much fun! But I was talking to Taylor last night and to post would mean that the trip is really over and I don't get to see her everyday anymore...I'm just going to live in denial just a little while longer:(

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beautiful Weather

Where the heck did the ball go??
Shane and Jeremiah
The wind was a BIG factor in our lousy game.