Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, Sampson and I stayed up until 4 o'clock this morning finishing the last book in the Twilight series. Edward and Bella are finally happy, now I can move on with my life:)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

I'll put in a Christmas update soon! We had a wonderful time spending Christmas in Mountain Home with Shane's family, then we came back to have Christmas with my family. I am currently busy reading the last book from the Twilight series:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


These kids are wearing me out!! Due to the ICE (all schools and towns around were closed) Shane and I started out early to make the commute to school. Taylor was behind us and as it took us 10 min. to get out of our neighborhood we looked back and her eyes were big as saucers. She did fine getting out and we all made it safe, BUT the 20ish min. commute turned into and hour and a half...so we were a little late:) I have wonderful teammates so they took my class and got all of their things put away but as I was rushing in Karen says "I'm sorry but they are WILD!" This rang true the rest of the day! They would not calm down or be the least bit quite. Every once and a while one will randomly remember (as with most of their thoughts) that we are going to be out of school for a while and say "Mrs. Collins, I'm really going to miss you during the break" and I am thinking...I'm ready for some peace and quite! Don't get me wrong, I love all my kids, but gees...they're fighting and whinning and I just can't take it anymore. Anyway, only three days left...but it's hard for me to get excited about that because of the always so crazy holiday classroom party. Oh well, they'll get to have a little fun!

After that we are off on Saturday to Mountain Home to spend Christmas with Shane's family. Then back here for our family Christmas and New Years. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Tater Tot!!

I love you so much and hope you have a wonderful birthday! Another year older...another year wiser:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

After weeks of Taylor and I talking about lights and trees and pumping Shane up (really bugging him to death) we finally are looking like christmas at the Collins' house. Shane and I put up the lights on the house in about 45 min...what a team we make. But to save time, Shane would only put a clip on every other light...so with the crazy wind we've been having lately some are a little "out of place". Oh well, it gives it character right? Then, we all put up the tree. One big happy family these days!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving #2

Saturday we had "Thanksgiving" at Sweets' house. We had so much fun! It got so cold so everyone brought a different soup and different desserts...it was wonderful. Then we played games and laughed all of the calories out:) The Trout's, Collins', Pannell's, and Braggs were there plus some friends. It was great!!!
Sweets is so creative...here are the snow people she made out of old swimming pool pumps, highway barrels and other things.

Our traditional pile on the bed picture:)

Shane thinking "crap...how am I going to act out New Kids on the Block" He did a good job and everyone got it!!

Making a game plan

Aunt Donna, Taylor, and Jason

The Grandkids

The Girls

The Boys

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We had a great Thanksgiving. We went to Mimi and Poppy's and the whole gang was there which was really fun! After we ate, Daddy and Tommy got out there guitars and played and sang (with all of us as back up). It was such a pretty day, we did it outside and two stepped around the deck...good times! Shane and Poppy held down the fort inside napping and watching the football games.
Jammin' (Tommy and Daddy)

Aren't they adorable:) (Aunt Gaitha and Daddy)

(some of) The Gals (Momma, Gaitha, Taylor, Deborah)

Me, Poppy, Taylor

Taylor and Gaitha striking a pose

The Prep

Well, I have been a horrible blogger, but I only have time to catch up slowly. We always have Thanksgiving at Gaitha's. This year Poppy can't travel so we went to Mimi and Poppy's house...but Gaitha still was cooking, so Taylor and I help her cook on Wednesday. (She is grooming us to take over!) We made the dressing, (always delicious) sweet potatoes, and deviled eggs (my favorite). It was so fun spending time with her and learning our great grandmother Turner's recipes!

When you love mustard the way our family does...you do this when you have extra deviled egg filling. Looking back it looks pretty gross!

Mixing away. The dressing was so thick (from all the goodness:) we all had to take turns stirring!