Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Canoe Trip

While we were in Mt Home, we got to go on a canoe trip with Shane's Aunt and Uncle. We always have so much fun when we go with them and I am so glad I have gotten the opportunity to know Anne-Camille...we have great times!!

Me and my "Aunt" Camille:)

We decided we did not want to jump into the FREEZING cold spring!

Sam and Shane I also got to spend time with AC's sister Sarah! She was so much fun!

Mountain Home II

On Sunday we made the drive back from Mountain Home. I know Shane was ready to see his family and we had such a great time seeing and visiting everyone! We got to visit the Collins' side of the family Thursday night when everyone came to Scott and Karen's for snacks. (boo hoo AC) It was fun getting to talk and catch up with everyone. We got to go up to Clarkridge and visit his grandparents which was great and see the old Chevy that his dad and grandpa have been working on...Shane LOVED that!

This is really the only picture I took while we were there. It is Shane cruisin around town in a truck his dad is working on.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mountain Home

Okay, so I have been a bad blogger this trip! We are in Mt. Home visiting Shane's family and we are having a blast! We had not seen his family since Christmas!! Shane's old job really didn't allow him a lot of time off and they had not been able to make the journey to Texas, so we were SO excited to see everyone.
Shane started off the trip in true fashion (a migraine), but he got better once I drove the 400 miles here! I hate when he doesn't feel well and am glad to report he is much better.
We just got to his Dad and Karen's house. We spent the first part of the week with his Mom and Tom. We were so busy making the rounds that I never even pulled out my camera. But, we had fun getting to visit with them, his brother Cody (who is always entertaining), his step-sister Jamie and her husband Kevin and their adorable daughter Laykin.We had a lot of great food, relaxing time at the lake, and lots of laughs. Jamie is a photographer and I L-O-V-E her work. I really wanted her to take pictures of us while we where here, so she worked us in! I love them! If you click on her blog you can see some of them. She did a wonderful job!
So the rest of the week we will get to see the Collins side of the family...I can't wait!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Coyt Lawson

"Talking" to Daisy...he has a lot to say!
Howdy Partner! Cutest cowboy I've ever seen!!!

Getting into everything according to Momma!

Coyt and Aunt Laine! I love this child SOOOO much!!!

I got to spend the morning with one of my best friends Heather (Neal) Lawson and her precious son Coyt! Heather and I had such a good time catching up and I had a great time playing with Coyt! We laughed, giggled, and crawled around everywhere! There are a lot of pictures, but they were all so cute of Coyt and I knew Aunt Taylor would want to see them all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Little Precious

Sweet Little Sampson

Well, we don't have human children but for us Sampson is our son! It has been so funny watching him. This dove laid eggs in our basket of moss. The bird drove him insane cooing and flying in and out. While we were gone, the little birdies hatched and this is where we find Sampson. He wants out to "play" with them so bad. But don't worry, I won't let him out!
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

July 4th

We had a great time eating at the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe on July 4th! We sat outside on the sand and had a beautiful view of the ocean while we ate. After dinner, we stayed and watched the awesome fireworks over the ocean from the cove.

Universal Studios

Mom and Dad took us to Universal Studios! Taylor was such a trooper with her knee and we had a great time! We got to ride rollercoasters, see shows, and visit the House of Horror. (Scarry!!!)

What a hunk....I mean hulk!

This was a close one, but we did get away!

The red carpet at Universal Studios where I was born to be:)

We just got back from a wonderful trip to California! We had so much fun getting to see Taylor and Ryan (and Priss) but as always, it was so hard to leave! The beautiful sunset from Zuma Beach!
I'm not sure this is what Taylor had in mind when she told him to roll his pants a little so he could walk with us!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Congratulations Shane!

I think I have a new addiction and the name is blog!
For those of you who don't know...Shane has a new job! He will be teaching
Technology Education at Liberty Junior High in Richardson and coaching
Football and Track! Yippee! We are both really excited about it. This is the
congrats cookie bouquet that Taylor sent. She's so sweet!
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Our Anniversary (Practice Post)

This is my first picture post! Hopefully it will be successful! This is Shane and me at the Blue Goose on our 4th Anniversary! I can't believe it has been 4 years...but as Shane says "Time flies when your havin' fun" (I didn't make him say it either!) After dinner, we went on our annual anniversary outing of Putt-Putt Golf. I was ready to humiliate him and win, but we tied... we were meant to be!:)
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Thursday, July 5, 2007

My First Post

Everyone has been bugging me about creating a blog (Taylor & Anne Camille)....so, now I have one. Stay tuned for more on our super exciting life. :)